Yung Joc’s New Hairstyle Makes Him Look Like Auntie & Twitter Is ‘badly’ Dragging Him

Trolling has become a fashion. Everyone loves to do it. Especially, if some public figure involves himself or herself in something really funny. Nothing different hapepened two days back when Yung Joc came up with a new hair do. The hairstyle makes him look like someone’s auntie and Twitter has been pulling leg ever since. He is literally dragged by Twitterati. How can he protect himself if he is himself responsible for such a situation. He is quoted saying that he loves it when he becomes center of attraction without even trying. So this has happened and he grabbed the attention of masses for such a lame reason.

Two days back he debuted his new hairstyle on Instagram. Is it for a movie role? Please say yes! All those who are not the followers of the American rapper, let me tell you one thing that he won the Hip Hop track of the year in 2006 for It’s going’ down. He was also nominated in other renowned awards such as Bill board music awards, Grammy’s and many more.

He wrote, “Big screen flow…. I know yall gonna hit me with all the shades in the room and thats totally fine because i know how blessed i am….. Never been scared to be the center of attention without trying…..#whatwouldjocdo #WWJD”

Grab a look at what people had to say on Twitter-

Other celebrities who once had weird hairdos-

Miley Cyrus- First one on the list. We cannot forget her shoulder length locks. Within hours, the hair cut was trending on Twitter. She tweeted “Love my hair. Feel so happy pretty and free.” Everyone started throwing their opinions on her hairdo ever since she uploaded the click.

Mariah Carey- Next up we have Mariah. She was 30 at the time and not 13. With that side pony tail the celebrity became a topic for discussion. 

Julia Roberts- In the year 1990, she came up with red tones. Ever since the lady is stuck with her discussed signature brunette.