Women Health Special: What To Eat, Think And Do?

People are having debates on Feminism. Everyone is firm at the notion that women and men are equal and should be considered and treated equal. We completely agree over the notion. But the bitter truth is we women have to bear a little more when it comes to physical health.

We have to go though menstruation cycles once in every month that makes us weak. So here is just one section of our health study center dedicated to women. Well! Women, there is nothing different you have to eat but there is an effective lifestyle you have to follow in order to remain healthy.

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Source: Healthxwellness

How to stay away from heart diseases?

Take in a lot of fruits and veggies. Make a switch to brown rice to ensure a healthy meal. A healthy diet for heart also includes lean proteins such as fish, poultry, beans and legumes. Cut down so much of sugar, salt and saturated fat from your diet. Flexibility often works while you eat healthy. It is important for you take in such food items to avoid any heart disease which is common at old age. Go for it if you want to follow a strict diet.

Impact of daily exercises-

Make it your habit to do atleast 2 and a half hour moderate activity along with dancing or brisk walk in a week. Try short bursts of moderate activity everyday if you are busy. The next important activity is walking. We should walk atleast 10,000 steps in a day. It is important for human body. The advancement in transportation facilities does not let us walk though. There are a few ways outs though. You can take stair rather than elevators. You can also park your car a little away from your destination so that you can get to walk.

Shed the extra pounds-

It is very important for you to shed those extra pounds in order to stay away from heart diseases. You are at a lower risk of getting heart diseases, cancer or diabetes, if you work out regularly. Aim for a slow and steady shed. Eating healthy and working out act as a perfect blend for happy and healthy living.