This Website Tells You Workouts After You Click On The Body Parts You Want To Work Upon

This Website Tells You Workouts After You Click On The Body Parts You Want To Work Upon

If you have ever wished for having a personal trainer without having to pay then this is your day my friend. We have found a website called Muscle Wiki that lets you know different exercises for different body parts. You just need to click on the muscle you want to work upon and the website displays work outs for the same. Right from your traps to toes, this website has compiled workouts for you and this amazing work has astonished all of us. We have been going through this website and what else does it have? It has calorie calculator, it has Macro calculator and a lot more tools.

Source: Muscle Wiki

Muscle Wiki

As you go to the website, it gives you an option to select the gender. After selecting one, it displays front and back sides of the body with a lot of sections. Each sections defines muscles in our bodies. As you click on the body part you want to work out for, it turns red and takes you to another page containing 3 to 4 workouts for the same.

Eg- You need to workout for your shoulders. Click on one of the shoulders. The website will display four workouts with both front and side views. Moreover, it comes with the steps to follow-

It says-

For both men and women, the deltoids, also referred to as delts, are a very desirable muscle to build. Well-developed shoulders can give the appearance of a smaller waist (because the shoulders look broader). Therefore, well trained delts improve the look of the entire physique.

The deltoid has three different heads: anterior (front), lateral (middle), and posterior (rear). Each head has similar functions, but they do have some variance.

Source: Muscle wiki

The calorie meter and all the other tools embraced by this wonderful website takes input- Height, weight and inches in order to come with the calories you should take in day. You can now train yourself with this amazing thing that can be called as an innovation.

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Happy easy gyming, people!