Ways To Keep Up With Good Health In Your 30s

It is the age to give space to work, family and friends in your life. You are no more a child or a youngster. There is a new sense of immediacy in this decade for 30s. You can feel the internal clock ticking if you don’t have a partner, children or that corner seat in an MNC. Talking about the body, well, you must be freaking out over that first grey hair.

Welcome to 30s if you cannot scarf down the whole pizza or your body is not accepting that skinny jeans. Calm down people it is just a phase. To assist you in navigating this new phase of your life, we have curated a list of effective ways (health tips)to stay healthy in 30s.

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Cope up with stress-

Stress leads to a number of diseases mainly hypertension and coronary heart disease. Stress also affects physical health along with making your mind inefficient. If the work is your problem then try to break it into smaller manageable chunks. For the stressors that are out control such as poor health or financial insecurity, perform meditation or self distraction. You can consider watching some funny TV show. Do not freak out as this is a phase that will surely end at some point of time.

Set up a routine-

Jessica Frintton, a registered dietitian at Family Food, LLC said, “With work, kids, finances, sleep and social life competing for the precious minutes in your day, food and exercise often fall by the wayside.” It leads to skipping meals and gaining weight inevitably. Include your food choices in your tight schedule. This will help you live longer and healthier life.

Plant based foods are savior-

You are just ageing and not dying but wrinkles, sunspots, high cholesterol annoy very much. Frintton adds, “Plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans are rich in antioxidants that can slow the ageing process.” These food items reduces oxidative damage and prevent cancer along with other chronic diseases. A plant based lunch and dinner is a recommendation.