Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show Of This Year Will Celebrate Natural Hair

You will notice extensions, curls, braids, straight hair and a plenty of other hairstyles on runway. Natural hair is hard to notice. The hairstyle that goes with dresses and theme find place on ramp. It is rare to perceive something which is called natural hair. Let’s not talk about runway, just move your head around and notice guys and chicks.

Some have those gel spikes while the chicks have rebounded or smoothed hair. It is not something seldom these days. Talking about fashion shows, it is near to impossible that you see any model with natural hair.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show Will Celebrate Natural Hair

We do have a not-so-recent example only if you took the notice of last year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The model Maria Borges made history by rocking her natural hair on runway. She had carried extension in prior two years before 2015 but the last year perceived her with natural hair. The empowering move made headlines across the globe. Not only in one country, the move was appreciated across the world.

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We are pretty much excited to share that this year will witness this fabulous thing even more of that on catwalk.¬† Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show stylist Sarah Potempa¬† told Refinery 29, “We are giving a carefree approach to length and type of curls. Some women with short hair, maybe a lob, will walk with that hair. We are not going to add extensions to make them super long. Moreover, if someone has short hair on the side or a tight haircut, we are not gonna put extensions on their head.”

Airing on Dec 5 at 10pm, Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show will be unveiling a great move. We love to have curls and make them straight again. We love to carry hair according to what we wear but going out natural is something new and inspiring. This show will inspire a number of people who are not comfortable with their natural hair.

Accept yourself! Go natural!