An Ultimate Guide To The Food Items You Should Take Before & After Your Workout

You have a diet chart and a strict schedule to spend your day. The workouts must be very hard on you but are you getting fair results? If you want to get most out of your daily workouts, then it is important to take care of what you are eating before and after your workout. If you are trying to loose some pounds, then it is not necessary that you have to skip your meals everytime. What you should eat before your workout solely depends on the type of exercises you are about to do. It also relies on the time period you spend doing your exercises.

Before workout-

It is obvious that fuel is needed for your body to workout better. You will be more efficient if your body is properly fueled up. So, ideally you need to focus on proteins and carbohydrates that will give you both long term and short term energy. You need both simple as well as complex carbs to get the energy you need straightaway. Try to avoid fatty foods as it makes you sluggish and hinder energy levels. It is suggested to stop eating before half an hour of the moment you start working out so that the food may digest well and you gain nutritional benefits.
Your pre-workout meal may include one of the following combinations-

-Yogurt with mixed seeds, dried fruits and nuts.
-Apple wedges and nut butter.
-Yogurt, oatmeal and fruit.
-Smoothies with yogurt, banana, cinnamon, berries and oats.

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Post workout-

Your body goes into recovery mode after you workout. It works to repair the torn muscle fibers. To normalize this hard work you need nutrients dense meal. This is the time to take proteins. It contains all the amino acids needed to repair and build. Some prefer to take omelette after workouts as eggs are rich in proteins. You need a protein punch after you workout very hard. There are so many combos that would provide you with the nutrients you need. Try one of these combos after your workouts and observe the difference.

-Roasted vegetables and grilled chicken.
-Omelette (Vegetable filled omelette) with avocado salad.
-Assorted vegetable sticks.
-Green salad.
-Baked salmon with steamed sweet potato.

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Try to eat atleast 20-30 grams of protein and 30-35 grams of carbohydrates if you want to build muscles. The items containing the suggested amounts of carbs and proteins should be taken within about 15 minutes after you complete your workout. If you want to loose some pounds then consider having proteins an hour after your workout.