Top Foundation Picks For Coming Winter According To Celebrity Make Up Artists

Winters are joyous! Sitting on couches and having full cup of hot cocoa is not something rare to observe or do. The best part is we get to wear the modish jackets and cute pullovers. Wait a minute! Don’t you love winters that much? If yes, then it must be due to dull, dry and flaky skin. We agree that it is as irritating as some some unwanted thought that strikes you mind everytime you try to ignore. The dry skin skin appears again and again no matter how much lotion you literally pour inside you body. Applying make up is another problem.

Now if we talk about face, it is going to suffer alot. We put on makeup and unfortunately it leaves our faces even drier. There is no need to worry as we have a documentation of some revelations made by celebrity makeup artists. Let’s have a glance over what to use and what to avoid in winters.

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Source: tipjunkie

Best foundation picks for winters  suggested by make up artists-

Mark Jacobs Beauty Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate- First on the list, this foundation hydrates and protects the skin throughout the day. This can be your go to for winter as explained by Aurelie Payen. In the colder months, the same foundation offers 24 hours coverage.

Laura Mercier Skin Creme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation- This foundation has an extremely hydrated formula that keeps the skin smooth by blurring fine lines and makes the face look plump plus fresh according to Kelly Hunt. This item deserves to be housed in your makeup case.

Hourglass- This is basically a stick foundation that gives it a handy feature. You can manage carrying it anywhere. This foundation is moisture rich and it is typically best for winters. It gives whole coverage just like concealer according to Tedrick Lamar.

Rimmel Match Perfection SPF 18- Jo Baker said, “I love winter skin! Perfecting complexion becomes way more doable in Winter as the cooler climate helps skin to look and feel calmer. This foundation features a creamy smooth texture that feels luxurious on application.”

Luminous skin foundation by Giorgia Armani- According to Ashleigh Ciucci, this is go-to for professional makeup artists. It basically packs a punch of flawless coverage with little texture. It acts as a perfect defense against the dry and dull winter skin.