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Today’s Hairstyle Tips: Are You Keeping Them All Wrong?

Cropped and cute or long and lovely do not suit all of us and we know that very well. That beautiful friend of yours has the haircut and hairstyle you cannot look good in. The game of hairstyles so depends on your face cut. It is not about giving your hair a trendy look, it is about how you keep them right according to the shape of your face. You spend lots of hours in searching for that perfect look on Pinterest. You show the picture to your hairstylist while the end result is not exactly you were imagining. There is nothing more depressing than that.

The same can also make you end up in real tears as parlor people cut it instantly whereas it takes months to take them to the length they were initially hanging. But do not worry. You don’t have to give up on trendy and interesting hair styles. There is no need to stick with the same old. Although it is really hard to choose one. We will make you understand how exactly it goes. What are the things you need to take care of, while deciding a perfect cut plus a perfect hairstyle for your face. It is not that tough. Let’s have a look at these tips by pros-

First of all, to see the exact shape of your face. Tie a pony tail and look in the mirror. Analyse what you see in it. The pretty face of yours may be oval, round, Square, Oblong, or heart.

For Oval Faces-

Oval faces should take cute cuts or should carry extremely long locks. In between hair length generally takes away the symmetry.

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Source: Proper hairstyles

For Round Faces-

Have layers so that it gives more structure visually. This can even be done with highlights. You don’t need anything that brings too much uniformity to your face. If you don’t have prominent jaw bone then do not think of it.

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Source: Beauty

For Square Faces-

Do not try to hide the corners of your face by curtain like hairstyle that falls short in the middle. Consider having a short layer near one of your eyes.

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Source: Hairstyles cut

For Oblong Faces-

These faces need haircut that adds volume overall. If you have got lengths, frame it in a way that brings layers to the right proportion.

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Source: Look-fabulous

For Heart Shaped Faces-

Remember you need to show off your jawline and hide your forehead. For this, you need to have fringes. Here are some haircuts that would suit your pretty face.

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Source: Girlterest