Surprised to know about ‘Goat Yoga’

Lainey Morse, the proprietor of Goat Yoga says, “Goat Yoga is a Yoga class that is held in the back field at my farm.” What this Goat Yoga is all about? Is it a goat performing Yoga Asanas? Definitely not! The prime reason to perform Yoga is gaining flexibility. Goats are already way more flexible than we can ever be. He says, “My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.” We still want you to guess more. Is it the technique to test goats with their gymnastic, climbing, moving, prancing abilities and strength? It’s a no!

All About Goat Yoga

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The goats of Lainey Morse are the mixtures of Nigerian dwarf and Pygmy goats. This information is new to the shelves of your brain. Cos’ these animals act as therapy animals during we take part in a normal human Yoga class. Morse stays in Willamette Valley. Everyday she perceives the looks of Oregon Coast range of mountains. She is originally from Michigan. She owns farms known as No regrets farms. On a child’s birthday party, a parent of the one of the children found this location very suitable for Yoga. Goats were present there and hence they found them to be therapy animals.

Morse says that the first Goat Yoga class held with Goats, Chickens and barn cat around them. According to a write up published in Modern Farmer, she writes, “My goats are just very peaceful animals and everyone that comes over leaves stress free and happy. When they chew their cud it’s almost like they go onto a meditative state and it is very soothing to watch and it is just perfect to combine with Yoga.” This is surely a new concept introduced in Yoga. No other place has ever experienced such kind of thing ever. We will come up with more updates about- Does this thing really work?

They have scheduled the classes for Goat Yoga in the month of September by Morse. Some attendees came from Poland in order to attend the sessions. She herself writes that she may sound little crazy but this thing really works. You must be wondering about from where will get goats to do a perfect Yoga. Goat is considered as a therapy animal here. We would love to post about it in the near future as we get the updates.

Give it a try!