Starting Your Day With Eggs? Believe Us You Are Having The Best Breakfast!

Only if you have already got our point! Starting your day with eggs is just best for all possible reasons. Eating eggs has always been a conflicting topic in health industry. You can get a lot of disparate opinions if you ask for having eggs as your breakfast. They are obviously a very delicious way to start a day but do they actually benefit you? You must have listened only one reason to have eggs by egg loving people. It is “Eggs are rich in high quality protein.” These contain 9 essential amino acids. Lets have a look at other benefits you can reap by consuming eggs in the morning.

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⦁ Raise good cholesterol-

Eggs are high in cholesterol and hence they have been dismissed from being labelled as good breakfast. If we dive deep to find out exact information, Eggs help increase your high density lipoprotein i.e. HDL. It is also called as Good cholesterol. HDL actually protects bad cholesterol raise. It might build up in your artries.

⦁ High quality protein-

Eggs are rich in protein and most of the egg lovers know that. No matter you are losing or gaining, eggs are good for you. However the one who is trying to shed pounds should avoid taking Yolk. Eggs contain 9 amino acids. The same makes them a complete source of protein. Boiled eggs are best to take after workout.

⦁ Eggs are nutritious-

Boiled eggs are rich source of Vitamin B2, B5, B6, B12, A, E, D, K, Selenium, phosphorus, folate, calcium and zinc. These are just few to name. You can get these things in single boiled egg. These contain all the nutrients that are essential for our body.

⦁ Eggs make you feel full-

Eggs leave you satisfied. These contain fats as well as proteins that provides you with slow release energy which works for a long period of time. If you have taken eggs after workout then dinner is hardly needed.

⦁ Numerous ways to take eggs-

You can take eggs in a number of ways. You can have omelette, sunny side up, boiled eggs or even egg curry. These are actually diverse. Everything would give you a different taste and hence you can have a variety if you get bored with one.