Solving The Mystery Behind Practicing Yoga During Menstruation. What To Do And What Not To?

It stuffs your mind with everything constructive in your surroundings, it lets you identify your soul, it gives you the ultimate peace you have been seeking for long. It’s Yoga! The key to well being and stay healthy. Yoga is the harbinger of positive thoughts. But what about the times when we need these positive thoughts so much? The time of physical and mental illness- Menstruation.

Practicing Yoga during Menstruation has always been a much debated topic. Some suggest women to practice it more during periods while others just wishes to have a break from Asanas.

Should we practice Yoga during Menstruation?

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It totally depends on the body type. The answer would vary from woman to woman. All woman are slightly different with regards to Menstruation. Some do not feel low energy and any side effects while others can’t just come out the bed. Mood swings, extreme pain, fatigue are the things one has to face.

People with no harsh effects of Menstruation can practice some of the Asanas while other with painful effects can skip Yoga for first two days. It is important to listen to your body at that time.  Do what your body wants you to do.

Which Asana to skip in periods?

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-Menstruation cycle is said to be very delicate. The huge blood flow is the result of breakage of wall near uterus. The main kind of Asanas to avoid are inversions. The reason being Apana. It flows from naval center to cervix. During Menstruation  it flows in a reverse direction and performing inversion can actually cause reproductive problems later on.

-Strong asanas such as backbends, arm balances, twists and standing positions are to be avoided.

-Bandhas should also be avoided as they provide your already contracted regions with additional contraction.

Which Asana to perform in periods?


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-Pranayam, Yoga Nidra and meditation are always welcomed by your body. You can perform them in pain also. It helps in reducing the pain that a woman experiences during Mentruation.

-Arm, leg and knee moments are good for your body during periods. Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar can be practiced provided no heavy bleeding is there.

-Gentle Backbends can alleviate pelvic discomfort and back ache. Leg up the wall can help in removing stagnant blood.

-Other useful and effective positions may include Tiger pose and cat pose. Titaliasan i.e. Butterfly pose helps in toning pelvis.

There are a lot more poses you can perform during Menstruation but do not forget to read guidelines before practicing them.