How To Smoothen Your Transition From A Non-runner To Runner

Running can be painful if you are doing it for the first time. We have to experience everything from painful blisters to chafing and unsupported bosoms. We hate it very much and at the same time we understand its significance. No other workout is as much effective as running. So when you set a goal and initiate it, you have to face a lot of issues. First of all, the clothing matters alot. Additionally, the more you run the more it becomes easier for you. Here are some tips and tricks to lubricate your transition from a non runner to an “experienced” runner.

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  1. Spend on your outfits-
    As we have already mentioned you need to spend a little amount on your running outfits. If you are going to give it a kick start with a cheap and non-reliable pair of sports shoes and tights then it is a bad idea. You will be definitely attacked by screaming blisters. Try to spend a little more on your outfits. For example, spring for a trusty pair of socks, well fitted sneaks and super supportive sports bra. The gear designed specifically for running makes a lot of changes.
  2. It gets easier-
    The more you do it the more it starts becoming easier for you. Start with two miles a day and you will observe an increase as you continue doing it regularly. Run atleast three times a week to acclimate your heart, strengthen your muscles and enhance your endurance. Try to increase your mileage once you start feeling comfortable with the current distance. Do not eat much or go to sleep after you come to rest. Do not do too much at the initial stage. If you do so, you will end getting a deep hatred for sports. Beware of getting any kind of injury.
  3. Wearing sports bra is important-
    Whether you are well-endowed or not, it is important to wear sport bra while running. Running can be very painful if you do not take care of carrying important elements with you. Many women prefer to wear two sports bras as they think that two can stop the unwanted and uncomfortable bounce. A cheap cotton sports bra would not fulfill the requirement. You have to wear just one but that should possess a good quality. Believe us it’s completely worth it!