Say Bye To ‘8 Glasses Of Water A Day’ Myth! We Do Have Dehydration Tracker Now

It is hard to believe the way technology is helping us with every single step we make to lead our lives. Thanks to the genius mind that has bestowed us with dehydration tracker. Water is important for the healthy functioning of our bodies. Keep your body hydrated- is the single mantra of all the fitness freaks. You take water while working out or when you are thirsty or may be when you did not have it for a long time. So eight glasses of water are must. Where were you when this “fact” was declared as a myth. Excessive working and walking fills one’s mouth with salt that needs water to dissolve itself.

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How Does Dehydration Tracker Work?

The new fitness tracker called LVL has been launched by Kickstarter. It seems alot more than any other wearable. You wear it and it will measure your heart rate, track your sleep cycle and moreover monitor your calorie intake. The main function is however most important of all. It can measure hydration levels in human body. It lets you know when you need to stop walking or jogging with a mouthful of salt. The wearable uses a near infrared ray to keep an eye on the hydration level. The band vibrates whenever it observes a down in hydration level in the wearer’s body.

The CEO of LVL, Dustin Freckleton claimed that the tracker will prove out to be the first wearable to measure dehydration in human body. The developer claims that the band has been tested on 250 people. The band would come in brown leather, black Silicone or black leather. The same is set to ship in the summer season of year 2017. The band will certainly prove out be a great assistance for all those who forget to hydrate their bodies. Water is an important component to build up your body. Drinking more water is not harmful but if you take it in a very less amount then it can become the reason behind a number of diseases.