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What Samoa’s Transgender Beauty Pageant Is All About?

Samao features an annual transgender beauty pageant which finds its mention in nation’s social calender. Homosexuality is however illegal in Samoa. Miss Fa’afafine takes its title name from society’s third gender which is translated as “in the style of”-Fa’f woman “fafine”. Samoan society accepted it as a crucial part. Population range from 1 to 5 percent if we consider estimates for the proportion of fa’afafines. Since 20th century the place has been accepting it.

From where did it originate?

So’oalo Roger Stanley heads Fa’afafines organization . She is responsible for the September 2 beauty pageant. Here the contestants do not take them that much seriously and hence the event draws a huge number of people’s attention. She said that thereĀ are a lot of other pageants-for women-but for us we try to make to unique. “Ours is always popular because it is entertaining;it’s fun, a lot of laughs,” she added.

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You all will feel glad to know that the pageant is planning to raise money for elderly people’s home and several other good causes. The forum is also organised to discuss the issues such as sexual health and suicides among people. The national newspaper published an image of a fa’afafine hanging in a church hall. One of the contestants Celine Hunter said that if she wins she will use the crown in encouraging other fa’afafines.

All in all, these people are doing something great. We all should engage in tasks to encourage transgender community and recognize their talents.