Rushing Into The Latest Beauty Craze Called Ear Makeup Art. Wait What?

Nail art is old. Eye lid art had also grabbed many eyes in its time. Even the hair stencil art is common now. What’s new is something beyond imagination. The new invention in the beauty sphere is ear makeup art and it is taking whole internet by storm. People are sharing pictures, trying the same at their homes. Ear lobes are dipped in shimmery glitters which give them the look of some beautiful gold earrings. Many more pictures have been shared on social media and people are literally going crazy behind the new invention. From where did this addition come?

Do you remember the makeup artist that revealed her tiny lip tattoo design a few months back? The same artist has come up with the pictures of this new craze in the beauty domain. Creativity has no boundaries. With so much into fashion and makeup world, who would have thought of this thing? Even ear is also the visible part while you are walking ramp or oozing glory on red carpet. We might see stars on red carpet with this new thing now. You can never guess how it looks before you watch out some pictures shared by the artist.

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Ear make up

The models are shown with the earlobes dipped in the shimmery glitters. Some pictures show a silver glitter making the boundary of ears giving it a look of multiple piercing. Why take pain when make up can do the wonders? People are liking the concept very much. You can take the ear make up ideas from here. This addition to the makeup world is surely revolutionary. This is not the first time that some artist has brought ear makeup into the sphere. It has also taken place earlier but in a limited number.

It was back in the year 2014 when Anthony Vaccarello sent some models down the runway with painted lobes. The lobes were illustrated with black liner and it looked like something new. After that we did not perceive any such thing anywhere. The new style statement is giving that simply painted lobes a new look with multi colored glitters. Grab a look at the images.

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