How Rising In Status Can Help You Lead A Healthy Life?

Climbing social ladder is not just good for your bank balance but also helps you lead a really healthy life. Scientists found out decades back that rich people live more than poor. It is not because they get no food to eat. Although it can be considered as one of those factors but what plays a vital role is your status.

Some reasons are always assumed for poor like they have a poor diet, lack of education and lagging lifestyle. A new study however suggests that social status alone has a big affect on your wellness.

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Social status has a big impact on your wellness

People who give enough importance to themselves and are socially sound have beautiful immune system. They tend to live more than the one with poor lifestyle. The study was conducted to know that how social status can lead to health disparities. Dr. Noah Snyder Mackler of Duke University, North California said, “Social adversity gets under the skin.” He added that if we can help people improve their social standing and reduce some of these hierarchies, we may be able to improve their health and well being.

Talking about the study,a research was performed on 45 female rhesus monkeys. They were allowed to form a natural hierarchy. To know about how the social hierarchy is going to affect the monkeys from inside, researchers took out the immune cells. They measured the activity of roughly 9000 genes. They found that the genes are behaving differently in high raking and low raking females. These changes were associated with the production of immune cells.

In the second study, they rearranged the females. The monkeys that were earlier at high positions were taken down and the ones at low positions were brought to top. Scientists observed a huge change in the genes of the low ranking females. It clearly shows that our immune system that gives us strength to fight from infection is affected by social life.