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Remember These Heart Attack Symptoms To Save A Loved One’s Life

A person’s life can be potentially saved if you spot heart attack symptoms early. How can you spot them? You will be surprised to know that heart diseases is the number one reason to cause a number of deaths every year in various countries. Heart diseases such as CVD (Cardiovascualr disease)may begin during childhood age. The fatty deposits in heart caused CVD. Understanding the signs of CVD is important so that it might not take multiple serious forms in future. When we are at our young age, this disease may develop without any giving any strong evidence.

Knowing the risk of heart diseases from the very start of your child’s life is crucial these days. In addition to this, heart diseases may also be caused due to hereditary reasons, fatty food, hormonal changes, smoking, alcohol and many other things. A good deal of confusion can be caused due to a wide variety of cardio vascular and heart diseases. When we listen the term “Cardiac arrest” we relate it to “Heart attack”. Both are entirely different diseases. According to the American Heart Association,

A heart attack occurs when a blocked artery prevents oxygen rich blood from reaching a section of the heart. If you blocked artery is not reopened quickly, the part of the heart normally nourished by that artery begins to die.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and often without warning. It is triggered by an elecrical malfunction in the heart that causes an irregular heart beat (Arrhythmia). With its pumping action disrupted, the heart cant pump blood to the brain, lungs and other organs. Then person loses consciousness.

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Heart attack symptoms in Men-

Chest pain and pressure

Chest discomfort

Pain in other areas like both arms, the neck, back, jaw, stomach

Light headedness

Shortness of breath

Abdominal discomfort

Heart attack symptoms in women-

Pain in the centre of chest

Uncomfortable pressure in chest

Pain in one of the arms

Shortness of breath

Breaking out in a cold sweat