Recent Study Reveals About How Women Praises Their Beauty Now. Like Never Before!

Beauty and fitness are the two significant gears to cheer up your life. Good physique. Satisfactory height. Fair to middling weight. Good facial features. What else does a person need? Nothing else other than taking care of what God has bestowed you with. It is the bitter truth of life that everyone is not bestowed with as much beauty as he or she wants. Everyone wants to look good. Everyone wants to present himself or herself in an unparalleled manner. But do we all do that?

Source: the beauty bean

Researchers have perceived the urge of women to look great and carried out a study. A study that was presented at the American Psychological Association’s 124th Annual Convention on last Friday came up with a conclusion that average women’s dissatisfaction about their beauty has dropped 3.3 points which means that women are more positive about their looks now.

Bryan Karazsia, an associate professor of psychology at The College of Wooster says that the possible reason behind why women are less concerned about the deficiencies in their bodies is- the diversity in bodies shown in ad media. Byran added, “As those ideals are shifting, I think people are becoming a little more critical of the extreme images they see and the media is embracing [the idea] that bodies of all shapes and sizes can still sell products.”

It might be possible that Big brands such as Dove showing all kinds of bodies in their ad campaigns, is the reason behind women’s less concern about their looks. Data of more than 100,000 men and women was analysed for over 30 years.

The researchers have come up with the result that women’s dissatisfaction has dropped by 3.3 pointers.

Researchers are happy with the conclusions. It is a ray of hope for all those women who are dissatisfied with their bodies. To remain fit and toned is good but certainly not necessary.  Either work out or feel okay about it. Underestimating yourself plus hiding away is not the only way out.

Come up with what you have. Introduce to us with the person surviving inside you. Do not hide away with your deficiency. Share your views here and we will assist you in how to treat yourself in a best possible manner. Well the study has made all of us happy as we aspire to make people happy and fit. If they are, especially women, have themselves found a way to be happy then our aim has been automatically fulfilled.


Stay beautiful, stay charming!