Quick Ways To Stay Calm When You Are Extremely Stressed

Stress is hard to avoid and the worst part is it is not good for your health. The reason behind is literally killing your mind. The more you try to avoid it, the more it comes in your mind. We have experimented some really effective ways to get rid of stress. Here are some-

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Listen To Relaxing Music-

On the top of the list is Music. Try listening to soothing music. Calm music has a positive effect on your brain. It can lower your blood pressure and cortisol, a hormone that causes stress. It significantly lowers down your stress level in minutes.

Chew Gum-

Chewing gum can reduce stress up to a great extent. It relaxes your nerves for a short period of time. Next time if you go for a presentation or may be an interview, you can consider chewing gum. It would give rest to your restless mind for a short period of time.

Laugh it off-

Look at everyone as if you are looking at your favorite thing in the world. Laughter releases Endorphin that reduces the level of stress causing hormones. Laughing tricks your nervous system and your mind orders for you to become happy. You become happy without even knowing.

Breathe deeply-

Breath in and breath out five times. Try to throw out of your mind the reason behind your stress as you exhale. It tricks your mind. After this loosen up your body. You might have your fingers dug in your palm right now. Loosen them up and you will surely feel calm.


Meditate for some time and do not keep on thinking about the reason that brought you in such condition. Try to think about family and good friends. Look at some pictures of your family members and know that they still believe in you. They are there for you all the time even when you are all fine.

These simple ways can do wonders.

Enjoy a stress free day! Happy living, people!