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I Performed Meditation For A Month And Here’s What Happened

Meditation gives birth to a more confident and self loving person inside you. It is said to increase grey matter densities inside the areas of the brain that find association with empathy, sense of self, self regulation and memory. I listened these terms and did not ever believe if something like this really takes place once you start performing meditation. Doing meditation and other wellness practices is a way to respect your body and mind. It is not a lie that your body and mind have to suffer alot in order to spend everyday of your life. You are happy at a moment and sad at another.

Performing meditation

My story was not very different before i started doing meditation. Meditation actually bestows you with a number of very beautiful benefits. Some of them are described below-

I understood that the issues are not issues until you give them a title. More the number of negative events, more stress you take. Your bank account, your work, your performance! It seems that the responsibilities of the whole world rests on your shoulder and poke you again and again. Now with daily meditation, i feel that the practice takes you far away from the worries to good things in your life.

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I understood that there is no perfectly set schedule that keeps you happy. Your happiness does not belong to a tight schedule. It belongs to the time you give to yourself. Do not try to achieve balance. Living life is more of a real time readiness.

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I understood that there are many alternatives to problem solving like coping, letting go, relaxing or simply accepting your flaws. Consequently, Meditation takes you away from your problems or gives you enough strength to deal with them.

Power of meditation is eternal!