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Over Bleached Hair? How To Get Your Healthy Hair Back?

Getting hair color is a big decision especially when you have decided to have it all over the length. But once you take it your taste changes after every few months. Nothing different happened to me. The bitter truth is you cannot get back those glimmery and healthy strands as you had before your first bleach. I did not take notice of how my hair turned from my favorite blonde to some brittle nightmare. After months of efforts to get back those healthy hair back i got to learn something that i’m going to share with you. Have a look at things to be taken care of while you are on your journey from over bleached hair to the healthy strands.

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1. Seek the services of a pro-

Do not apply anything on your hair by following some internet tips. It is not at all easy to get back to the original color of your hair. It requires a lot of skills that only a pro can have. It is better to seek services of a professional hairstylist or colorist if you are actually looking for a good change. You might ruin your hair if you apply any kind of chemicals on yourself by following some tips you found on internet. Even if you yourself buy some box dyes it may contain more chemicals and ammonia than the professionals at Salon use.

2. Do proper research-

Get ready with your research. Research about how you want your hair to look like. Internet is full of ideas. You can even take ideas from much loved Pinterest. If you get ready with the exact color and then go in front of hairstylist he/she might get the exact idea. Photos scream a thousand words. It gets you picture of how you are going to look. If the Salon man can provide you with a lot of ideas suiting your face cut and body tone. It is pretty much easy these days as a lot of people are seen posing their ideas over internet

3. Make healthy changes to your hair-

Be realistic about your look after you get the hair color. Make some healthy changes to your hair. The professionals recommend that you should take wash twice in week and not more than that as the chemicals might destroy your hair again. Also take advice from your colorist about what shampoo to use and when to wash your hair. You can also consider using scalp brush to de-tangle your hair. Take special care of your hair once you leave salon with those healthy strands that you wanted.