After NYFW, Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Walks London Ramp

It was just last week when we could not take our eyes off Reshma Qureshi who walked at the NY Fashion week with all grace. Following her footsteps, here’s another survivor who illustrated London Ramp. Her name is Laxmi. She walked London Ramp to encourage all those who are suffering with severe issues in their lives. Life must go on and this lady has now become a perfect definition of inspiration for all of us. Laxmi from Delhi told TOI, “Years Ago, someone destroyed my face, thinking that my life will be ruined…. I decided to break the notion.”

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Source: TOI

Laxmi hits the ramp

Laxmi hit the ramp at the British Asian Trust Charity Fashion Show on Monday. She is an activist and campaigner at SAA i.e. Stop Acid Attacks. The outfits embracing the lady were designed by Designer Raishma. She walked with another acid attack survivor from UK- Adele Bellis. The Times of India reported that the duo took part in the London ramp to generate awareness regarding violence against women. Laxmi told TOI, “When i was asked to say something on ramp, I asked people, ‘Is beauty defined just by how you look?’I don’t think so. Beauty is what you are within. That is one message that I wanted to share with everyone.”

Laxmi went to London along with her partner and daughter Pihu. She was just 16 when she was attacked by a men who was double the age of the lady. The man attacked Laxmi because she rejected the marriage proposal. Earlier this year, Laxmi from Delhi became clothing brand Viva N Diva’s brand ambassador. In the year, the lady received the International Women of Courage Award.

Earlier this week, Reshma Qureshi walked at Newyork Fashion Week. Reshma opened FTL Moda’s runway show which is renowned for showcasing the inner beauty of specially abled people. Earlier than Qureshi, the show also featured models on wheel chair. Rehsma Qureshi opened the FTL Moda show in a beautiful white gown with striped panels designed by Mumbai based renowned designer Archana Kochhar. These models are constantly providing us with an inspiration to live. Happiness and sorrows are the two emotions that complete one’s life. Keep in mind,

Life goes on!