Nature Has A Great Impact On Our Well-Being. Here’s The Beautiful Reason!

Studies helped researchers reach to a conclusion that environment can elevate or reduce our stress. The fact is undeniable that stress has a negative impact on our mental and physical health. It leads to headache and sometimes body ache too. When you look at things, hear any kind of stuff or experience any moment, nature is not only affecting your mood but also your nervous, endocrine and immune system. The stress caused by an unpleasant environment can make you feel anxious, sad or even nervous without any overruling reason. Additionally, it causes high blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate.


Take a quiet walk with mother nature, it will heal your body, mind and soul

Humans generally find nature pleasing regardless of age and culture. There is a book-Healing Garden– A study published in the same book says that two third of people choose natural setting to heal themselves emotionally when they are stressed.


It is not something new for you to know that viewing scenes of nature or just being in it reduces the feeling of anger and anxiousness. Exposure to nature has a great impact on your physical wellbeing as we have already mentioned that it reduces blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate and most importantly production of stress hormones. According to public health researchers Stamatakis and Mitchell, being in nature might even reduce mortality.

Even a simple plant in or outside your room can reduce the feeling of pain and anger. We always have nature to cope with any pain. We humans are genetically programmed to get absorbed by nature scenes. This is the reason behind why we find plants, tress, water, sun and everything that constitutes nature, engrossing. A hospital carried out a notable study to see whether nature affects physical pain too.


They divided the patients to undergo Gall bladder operation in two groups. The doctors did the operation of one group in front of tress and other’s in front of an old wall. According to the conclusion made out of the study, patients with view of tress bore the pain better than those operated in front of the old wall.

Nature heals, soothes and binds us together to form this world a better place to live in. Spend some time in your backyard while stress or feeling of anxiousness are there. A study by Kim, Ulrich and Cervinkaalso proved alot of things.  The time spent in viewing nature is associated with psychological wellbeing, meaningfulness and vitality.