Mental Health Alert! 5 Practical Ways To Avoid Feeling Disappointed

Disappointments are not something rare. They come and go with our mood swings. People we meet either make us happy or leave us in little or a sizable disappointment. Give it minute and think why do you expect good from every random person you meet. Are you important in their lives? Just because they have an hour to sit or talk to you does not mean they care for you. The thing is very practical from a closer glance. You trust random people and let them own your emotions. You cry and here takes birth, the disappointments. Disappointments that are hard to bear and even harder to avoid. Here are few ways to get rid of disappointments-

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Do not trust random people-

Like we have already mentioned, you need to take people lightly. Everyone is not going to take your feelings that much seriously as your beloved or may be family does. Do not run away from new people but just avoid expecting too much. Loosening up on your exceptions significantly reduces the chance of being disappointed.

Live in the present-

Live in the moment and treat your life as an adventure. It allows you to enjoy the greatest variety of experiences. What happens when you treat it as an adventure? You still have the expectations of adventure but they are not restricted in a preconceived package. Open yourself to about anything but not anyone. Cherish every moment to enjoy the ride of life.

It’s all about what you think-

Know that what you feel comes to you. If you want to feelĀ  disappointed, you will certainly feel disappointed. You are the only one who has given invitation to this disappointment. Being enthusiastic is what makes the life joyous. Everything is not going to run according to what you have in your mind. Love the journey is the only option to go against the cloud of disappointment.

Focus on your interests-

Focus on what makes you happy. If you want to start with photography, painting, dancing or may be singing, do it! Get the information from where to start and just start focusing on what grabs your interest.

Own your heart-

Follow your heart. This point is hard to get. We have an example to make things clear. Suppose you are an open hearted person. You have alot of kindness and love to treat people really good. If any kind of disappointment breaks you, you tend to move in opposite direction. This is what you don’t need to do. Own your heart and learn to let go things. Be as beautiful and calm as you used to be.