Side view of woman sitting in lotus position on lakeshore with focus on stack of stones

Meditation Tips: How To Make Your Mind Quiet

Meditation! The word itself has a lot of peace. Thinking of meditation itself brings so much of peace in your mind while at the same time, you are also confused whether to start practicing it or not. You might not be the busiest person on earth but still taking out time for meditation is like.. Seriously??
Well! Lets not hold on to this thought as we all know that meditation actually works. Not because everyone is bragging out it but because it gives you mental peace. We are not aware of the reason why you landed up here but we assure to show you the direction to a beautiful of world of meditation.

How to start it from scratch?

1. Concentrate on your breath: Start with concentrating on your breath. Feel yourself actually inhaling and exhaling. Not only breath but try to feel all your body parts. Do not actually touch them you just need to concentrate on how your body must be functioning. Feel the energy that is keeping you alive at the moment.

2. Practice everyday- It might be possible that you do not get benefits within five or ten days. Keep on practicing it and you will definitely want to continue. It may even make fall asleep in starting days.

3. Search for a room with no electronic items at all- Search for complete peace. Search for a room that is free of electronic devices. Even the ticking noise of clock can break your concentration. Sit in complete peace to meditate.

4. Tell everyone not to disturb you- Keep in mind that you are completely free while you are practicing meditation. No phones! No friends!

5. Read a book or watch a video on meditation- After making a lot of efforts, if you are still not able to concentrate then you may try watching some videos on meditation so that you can encourage yourself towards the activity.