Magic Wand Makeup Brush Creators Are Releasing Something Exciting. See What Is It.

Do you remember coveted magic wand makeup brush collection? Certainly yes! You will be glad to know that the creators just debuted some images of really attractive 12-piece eye shadow palette which is inspired by Harry potter and a number of other magic folklore. They have been teasing the product for over the month. However, Storybook Cosmetics has confirmed that in the coming weeks the pallete would be available. It would be called as Witchcraft and Wizardly Palette.

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Witchcraft and Wizardly Palette

The Witchcraft and Wizardly Palette will be featuring shades such as Cloak, Spell Book, Sorcerer, Bewitched, Merlin, Cauldron, Potions, Jinx, Prophecy, Salem, Broomsticks and Charm. It is little strange that this will be the first pallete of the brand that would officially go into production. The official release that has not been announced yet. You can follow the page on Instagram. Just visiting the page will make you understand what we are trying to convey. These were some of the sneak peeks to the story that can revolutionize the market a little.

We have reached an era where every now and then artists come up with some ting extra ordinary. The last trend we remember was the rainbow hair color one. The trend was set by a beauty center and gradually it covered many parts on global basis. This is how we are moving and changing ourselves. This newest trend is going to rock the market upto an extent.

The creators of Magic wand makeup brushes are surely going to nail it. The release date has not been announced yet but people are already going crazy behind it. These people have got a huge number of followers and alot of shares already.