Look How Do Beauty Stores Make You Spend According To Psychologists

You went there to get a beauty concealer replaced and unfortunately left with half of the items present in the store. It is not something weird. The cosmetics and make up stuff are never enough for women. For them, this shopping means like alot. How do these make up stores tempt all of us so easily?

Is there any pattern or methodology they follow? Yes, they do for sure! Walking in the beauty stores of Mac, Lakme, Mac, NYX, Sephora and Nars give us Dejavu. They all are black and white stores. The times are categorized and sectioned with black lining. They all catch our eyes separately.

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A consumer psychologist says-

According to Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist, everything in a retail environment especially makeup stores is engineered for one purpose; to get you to spend. Yarrow told Racked,“Black is an elegant, sophisticated color, but it’s also a great backdrop. Anything just looks a bit better against a black backdrop. Things feel more exciting and more exclusive and more elegant.” Big cosmetics stores do not keep much colors in their interiors as too much coloring act as an eye sore plus it hides away the colors of lip shades, eye shadows and may be many other items.

Yerrow also explained, “The look and feel of the display elevates the merchandise itself. It’s not like you’d go to a showroom for fancy cars and expect to see them on concrete. They’re always on really shiny floors. Even in movies, the street where the couple falls in love, it’s always shiny. Shiny just makes everything seem more magical.”

So it is this veiled association that makes us spend more than what we expect. Everything seems beautiful in these tempting black and white stores. So next time you go to any store, save your pocket and buy what you want.
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