Just 3 Yoga Poses To Help You Control Diabetes

Blood circulation helps in the efficient working of organs of human body. The same is responsible for keeping a constant check on various diseases such as Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease based on the response of blood cells to the insulin produced in human body. A number of studies have come up with the conclusion that twisting and stretching in different kinds of Yoga poses stimulate the production of insulin. These postures inturn help human body to recover from diabetes. Start performing these Yoga poses if you are affected with the severe disease.

The founder of Yogisthaan, AjitSingh Tapasvi said, “Yoga helps in reformatting the system. It slowly affects the physical body with regular practice and dedication. Also, the flowering plant Vinca Rosea, also known as Sadabahar, has great medicinal benefits and is considered as one of the best treatments for diabetes. Take three of the four leaves of Sadabahar and prepare a decoction along with honey.” You can perform following Yoga poses in order to control diabetes.

1. Uttanasana-

To perform the same, you need to inhale as you raise your arms taking them over the head. Then, bend forward as you exhale out. Touch the floor and join your hands behind your legs. Hold on for 7-8 breaths. Now, take your hands forwards and start getting up slowly. Repeat for 4-5 times.

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Source: Feel Good Yoga Victoria



2. Padottanasana-

To perform Padottanasana, place your legs 4 feets apart. Stretch your arms parallel to ground. Exhale as you move downward to bring palms to the floor. Also pull your head between legs and lift the hips up. Hold for 4-8 breaths. Exhale back to the initial position.

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Source: Yoga with Subash

3. Dandasana-

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out. To straighten the spine, press the sitting bones to the floor and crown of your head to ceiling. Keep your palms adjacent to your hips. Remain in the same position for 30 seconds and then relax yourself.

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Source: Wikipedia