Issues You Would Definitely Relate To, If You Have Long And Dense Hair

Oh my God! You look damn pretty. What do you do with your hair? They have grown up beautifully. Is there any magical trick? Do you take regular spa?

These are few things people say about your long and shiny hair. But do you enjoy the same affluence? There are lots of issues that people with long hair generally face. Monsoon hair fall does not really make any different to the density of their hair but blow drying them becomes a pretty difficult task . Pool makes them look hotter but deep inside they found themselves stuck in the tangles of those long strands. Hairstyles look good on them but making the one is so much time consuming. There are many more things that deserve a discussion.

Blow dry in a humid weather-

People with dense hair have to choose sunny day to wash their long strands. Unlike other people, they need a lot more things other than Shampoo and water to rinse and scrub. They have to wait for a hot weather in order to wet their hair. What’s more difficult is to blow dry them. They cannot just hold the drier in one hand and gently brush with another. They always need a companion for the task. Half an hour of blow drying can give an opportunity to make a hairstyle. These people cannot just move out with wet hair as it is humid out there and there is no chance for them to become dry in just one or two hours.

Source: Red bookmag

Swimming pool-

You are inside water and a typical backward movement of your head would make you look like what’s shown on TV. I guess you got the point. It is not the reality with long hair people. She is not someone who can make a perfect whirl for a perfect pose. The backward movement leaves some of the hair on the face and some manage to go at the back. This ultimately results in lots of tangles that become hard to manage later on.

Suffer an acute pain in tying pony tail-

It’s 9 am and you are still fishing with your hair and literally convincing them to just club up and come in your rubber band. Your hands are trying their best to take all your hair inside that rubber band with short circumference. Tying them would act as a sigh of relief for you but you end up with not so good ponytail and now your hands will suffer from an acute pain for some time.

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Cannot stay with untied hair at home-

People with long and dense hair cannot give their hair a relief by leaving them untied for some hours at least. A pony tail or hair bun is utmost important. Leaving them untied means giving invitation to a lot of problems. If you have decided to wear them down then expect some seriously sweaty hair. They would stick to your forehead, your back and anything else they find.

Straightening becomes a three hours task for you

Long plus Dense plus Curly! Well that’s a rare combination. So hairstyling on your own is not a good idea. Straightening is surely going to make you feel like hell. First of all, you cannot do it without anyone’s help. Secondly, it is going to take two to three hours. The time consuming process would leave that party person inside you, in a tiresome condition.

Source: feel good style

Unfortunately, Hair bun is not made for you!

Face the reality today! It looks bad on you. It is not in the proportion with your head. Yes we are talking about your hair bun. It’s trendy and pretty much relieving but it is not your thing for sure.

Yes, we people with long and dense and attractive hair strands look good but this was the bitter truth behind that glory.