Proposal to make yoga compulsory for all corporators

Here’s Why Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Has Proposed To Make Yoga Compulsory For Corporators

MNS i.e. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has proposed to make Yoga compulsory for all the corporators in BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation). Deshpande, the MNS corporator has advised in a notice of motion that Corporator should perform Yoga asanas atleast five days in a month. Yoga is important for the physical well being and mental peace. He has advised corporators to perform Yoga along with civic school students. In the general body meeting, the proposal is likely to be discussed on September 30. The MNS corporator said that the corporators have to interact with a number of people in a day that makes them suspicious to several infections.

Source: Hindustan Times

Why did they make Yoga compulsory?

According to Hindustan Times reports, Despande added, ” If making Yoga compulsory for students is being proposed then why can’t corporator be made do asanas? Infact they must practice Yoga along with students studying in civic schools in areas under their jurisdiction.” He further added that corporators failing to perform should be disqualified while Samajwadi Party has something else to say. They call it a political stunt by MNC has made the statments public that this should not be the criterion to disqualify corporators.

They added that one cannot judge corporators on these grounds. Rais Shaikh, corporator, SP, said, “This is Dadagiri. The proposal makes no sense. You cannot compel any corporator or disqualify him on these grounds. We will discuss this with mayor.” It also created a controversy last month. The Samajwadi Party declared it as a mix of religion with education. The BMC runs around 1188 primary and more than 40 secondary schools in Mumbai. The figure includes 400 Urdu-medium schools.

The practice is important for mental peace. It bestows one with those powers that are remained unexplored by human beings. Our body has a lot of power and Yoga makes us utilize the same. The MNS’s proposal is however compelling for the corporators but at the end of the day, it is good. We will come up more updates as the news develops.