Yoga is often misrepresented

Here’s How The Concept Of Original Yoga Is Often Misrepresented Sometimes

Yoga is nothing but a union of mind, body and spirit. It provides one’s soul with the ultimate peace. Yoga works as a light that can never go dim once lit. The better you practice the same, the brighter the flame becomes. It highlights the wellness associated with a person which results in making all the other parts of the life, productive. The sense of wellness helps with illness and hence eliminate the need of traditional health care system. The original meaning of Yoga is often misrepresented. Some people take it as religion while others confuse it with exercise programs.

Source: Kaivalya Ayurveda

People choose to run profit making ventures in the name of Yoga which is not what Yoga teaches us. It teaches us to stay calm and wise. It is an Indian philosophical process. Rishis founded it 5000 years ago. It basically clubs spiritual exercises and meditation with fixed body postures. Practicing Yoga is a lesson to your mind to grab positivity from the surroundings. Consequently, a number of people are there who now concentrate on adapting Yoga. According to Patanjali, Yoga embraces asanas that compose 3rd out of eight limbs.

Yoga embraces a sum of eight steps of which the Asanas, are one.

In ancient days, Yoga was practiced in mountains of forests. The environment has to be peaceful for practicing Yoga. Today, people perform Yoga in Air conditioned enclosures and attractive resorts. It has lost its old age and original meaning.

The authenticity of Yoga is now somewhere lost. Commercialization has come up with both positive and negative impacts. It has gradually attracted a lot of people towards it but it has also led to mixing up of various styles of Yoga.

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Indian gurus introduced the basic concept of Yoga many years ago. It is now taught in several venues with a large number of teachers. But teachers should also ensure the original menacing is delivered to the people. Yoga has now gained worldwide recognition and a study called “Yoga in America” unveiled that- It is a $5.7 billion a year industry in the country. It has attracted people across the world and bestowed a lot of benefits to them. Consequently, more and more youngsters are now heading towards initiating their days with Yoga.

It is therefore important for Indian gurus to save the authenticity of traditional Yoga.