Help Your Depressed Companion Down The Way Of Recovery!

Your visit expresses your concern for that special someone. You must be giving some kind-hearted attempts to lift sorrow from his heart a bigger number of times than you could actually count. While each instance of this infuriating temperament issue is one of a kind. This is not going to be easy for you but do not stop making attempts. There are a number of general things you can attempt to manage your discouraged companion or relative down the way of recovery.

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1. Understand depression

The first and foremost step you need to take is to educate yourself. Learn about what that person is going through. People are better educated today on depression and anxiety than a few years ago. Gain insights about how brain operates. You don’t have to be neuro scientist but doing this can definitely make you understand what to say and what to avoid in front of him/her.

2. Ask questions

Ask a lot of questions to them so that you can make yourself capable of understanding his/her plan of action. If the depression goes severe then the person might get suicidal thought. As you start asking questions the thing actually goes out of the person’s mind. You may consider asking following questions-
– What are the things that make you feel better?
-When did you start feeling bad?
-What do you want right now?
-What makes you feel bad?

3. Remember that you know your friend better than any doctor-

This information can be useful for you. If the person in discussion is your close friend or a family member then chances are you know him/her better than any specialist. Are you sure about the reason behind his/her depression? There might be some other problem. Discuss with the person and get to know the situation better.

4. Find if he/she is stressed-

Stress is something like a really bad stuff. Stress causes depression- and you can find it in almost every psychology book. Consider the situation when you are stressed. What do you want from the whole universe? It might be something or someone to reduce your stress at once. So this becomes one of your biggest jobs towards the sorting out the situation. Help out the depressed person with finding ways to reduce stress. Stress can be reduced following a number of ways. Introduce him with self care tips such as taking deep breath or taking body massage in moments of stress or anxiety.

5. Tell them they are strong

Remind the person of his/her strength and make them laugh as much as you can. Give hope to the person and tell that he/she is not going to go through the same stuff for their entire life. Life is going to change. Do not give false hopes.
Honestly, there is no rule book to follow. You just need to keep calm and most importantly, listen to them. Listen to every single word by keeping your ears and eyes wide and open.

Happy week ahead!