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How Health And Wellness Are Related To Each Other?

You may find some people mixing the two concepts but let me tell you one thing that Health and Wellness are two different concepts. You cannot achieve one without the help of another. To lead a happy life, you have to take both the things into the picture. Health covers a wide spectrum and wellness is just a part of it. To be happy you need to understand these two concepts. Lets have a look at the two things-

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What is Wellness?

Wellness is all about your attitude towards the way you are leading your life. It is about what path you are treading and how much you are happy about the same. You might have some fitness goals but if you are mentally not stable then you cannot cut it through in terms of wellness. Wellness is defined as a positive approach towards a happy living. It is the mental attitude you have towards achieving your goals in life. Wellness embraces a lot of things including mental exercise and your rest days.

Many of the people do not consider doing mental exercises while they are busy at gyms. Do not make gyms your home. Also, concentrate on other activities such as Yoga so that you can contribute towards wellness also. Practicing Yoga or meditation can actually get you a better attitude towards your weight gain or weight loss. It is important for you to take rest days too. May be you can take one day out of the busy week so that you can go on a trip or somewhere else that can freshen up your mind.

What is health?

The definition says that Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Before setting up any fitness goal just think why do you need to see that transformation in your body. Do you want it for yourself? or you want to please others. You cannot the goals completely if you do not fulfill with the first point as mentioned above. Wellness is important to achieve fitness goals.