It Is So Hard To Resist Sugar. Why Is It So?

So when the sweety sweets come your way, what do you do? Do you prefer to just take them in your mouth or throw them somewhere far away from your eyes? We know that it is obvious for you to just eat them without letting anyone know. It is pretty much difficult resisting the temptation when they are within your hands. And why not? It makes you feel better when you are alone. You want to eat it more and more. Is it an addiction? Yes!

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Source: Spin Japan

Scientists have discovered that Sugar is as addictive as drug heroin. You will be amazed to know that we all are addicted to sugar. Eating sugar releases Serotonin into the body. This leads to a feeling of happiness which tempts us for Sugar even more. Who does not want to feel good? This is the reason behind why we tempt for Sugar so much. Studies have proven that Glucose and Fructose have different impact on human body. Food sweetened with Glucose leave you satisfied after the required calories have been consumed. With fructose, you cannot feel satisfied. You are more likely to keep it eating until it is all gone.

Food that is rich in refined sugar makes the insulin spike in human body and if the same intake is regular then it becomes anticipated. If you take a chocolate bar once or twice in a day daily then your body starts to anticipate it. It then turns into a real sugar craving which is very hard to control. If you are surrounded by everything sweet around yourself or consider the situation when you are in a sweet shop, it is hard to overcome the craving and you end up taking one.

It is an interesting and good thing to know that if you break the cycle by skipping to take the sweets or chocolate one day then slowly your sugar cravings starts to dissipate. Once you start controlling for sugar, you crave very less for it. Hence it is called an addiction. Treating and feeding yourself with what you love is good but try not to apply the same principle in the case of sugar. It can be very much addictive so try to mix it up. Be stronger than the addictive sugar and the ball comes in your court. Have a control on your sugar to crave less for it.

Have a happy week ahead!