Handle Your Rest Day With Stretching, Recovering And Relaxing

You don’t have to run to gym all the time. The good news is if you want to get stronger you just need to take rest. After a strenuous workout for many days, your muscles need time to repair themselves. Strengthening happens during this time period. On your chill days it is really important for you to stretch your worked muscles. We have made a full body stretching routine for you body. Before following the routine you need prepare your body for stretching. Here’s how. Have a look!

Active hamstring stretch-

The exercise needs you to stand straight and move your left leg forward. Slowly lean forwards and touch the toe of your left foot. Your back should feel a gentle stretch. Hold this position for a moment and go back to previous position placing your left leg next to the right. Take the same position of the right part of your body. Hold for a minute and then again get back to the previous position. Continue alternating the sides for 20-30 seconds. Give your body some rest after you have done with your first exercise.

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Source: progressivepersonaltraining

Standing Quad stretch-

Stand on your left leg with the knees touching each other. Hold your right leg and pull it towards your butt. Keep your chest as straight as possible. Do not worry about how much close is your butt to your foot. Come back to the standing position. Do the same with the left part of your body. Focus in the stretch and switch the two position in 20-30 seconds. Also keep your back upright while doing the exercise. This will stretch the muscles of your legs as well as hands.

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Source: Runner world

Chest opener-

This exercise requires you to hold your hands at the back. Squeeze your shoulder blades to stretch your chest. Keeping your legs straight, bend forward towards ground. Hold the position for few seconds and then come back to the previous position. This will stretch your chest. If you think that you are unable to do this, you can keep the hands back on your thighs and perform the same exercise.

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Source: Inspired health coach

IT Band stretch-

Crossing your right foot behind the left one, bend forward to touch your left hand to the ground and right one pointing ceiling. You should feel a gentle stretch. Switch the position in 20-30 seconds.

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Source: Shape