These Hairstyling Hacks Can Transform Your Looks In Minutes

Hairstyle used to be an important part of women’s attire in bygone times. The way your hair look was a sign of which class you belong to. Now that we have moved several decades, hair styling is becoming a significant part of common people’s day to day life.

Not even women, we are also perceiving men taking care of their hair nowadays. The hair look you carry reflects your personality. No matter how perfect your dress is, no matter how pretty your face looks, without a good hairstyle everything is worthless. To maintain a good hair-look you need a considerable amount of time everyday. These are few hacks that can give you a good look and simultaneously save your time.

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Use hairspray on bobby pins-

If you have silky hair, then making the bobby pins stuck is the toughest task for you. What you can do is you can spread the bobby pins on a piece of cloth. After that use hair spray over them. Kindly spread the spray over all of them. It will make the bobby pins stick your hair not ruining your hairstyle.

Use boar bristle brush on your hair-

You can consider using boar bristle brush on your hair while you are blow drying them. This moves hair oil from scalp to the end of your hair giving them a shiny look.

Use chalk to color your hair-

There is something called colored chalk that can be used to color hair. The color goes away as you wash your hair. If you don’t want a permanent blonde or any other color on your hair, you can use these chalks. Kepp them as an option as they give a fabulous look.

Use cool air to set your hair-

Instead of giving heat to your hair, scalp and face, you can use cool air to set your hair. Cool air makes the task easier and faster.

Hair extensions for short hair-

You can use extensions of fine colors if you have short hair. Also, highlights can be added to your hair. There is no need to take color, as these strands can serve the purpose well. You can even club two extensions to give your short hair even a finer look.

Use tooth brush with hair spray to frizz your hair-

If you want a frizzy look today, you can apply hairspray but too much of it can make your hair stiff. What you can do is to apply hair spray on a spare toothbrush. Then comb your hair with that brush. The same would give a frizzy look to your hair.