What not to do after getting a haircut

We know how much you are excited before going for a new haircut. Getting a new trendy hair style is a fast and exciting way to change our appearance. It apparently makes you feel new and stylized. The fun way of trying new hair styles loads you confidence and shows the world you are up the fashion heels.

Every must have to remember few things before getting the haircut, includes: the hair style that you have chosen is going to set to your face or not.

Similarly, you need to take care of few things after getting your haircut too.

Hair care tips after getting hair cut

1. Don’t set it with fingers

After the completion of the hair styling don’t keep your fingers over the hair and adjust it. The blow dryer and brush have already set your hair, now retaining the finger over the hair is nothing but spoiling its exact looks. If you note the hair is not manageable, take the help of a comb and adjust it.

2. Conditioning is a must

After getting a haircut, the hair tends to twirl a little. So, make sure you use a conditioner after hair wash to set the hair and keep it manageable. In the first few washes, your hair might become frizzy or fall out of shape. So, conditioning is a must.

3. Use Serum

Serum not only sets your hair but also makes it look soft and silky. After hair wash, apply serum to set your soft hair and keep it manageable.

4. Do not tie your hair

After getting a haircut, make sure you do not tie your hair into a bun or braid. It will spoil your haircut and also bring unwanted waves.

5. Rules for using blow dryer

Blow drying can even damage the hair. This is the method being applied to cause drying of the hair and the area of the scalp. After having a hair cut men have the tendency to use the dryer and for this you have some essential steps to follow.

In case you want to save the hair from a severe damage you first need to apply a detangle or you can even use a spray for thermal styling. With the application of the same the heat produced by the blower becomes easy to manage and you can even have a perfect combing of the hair.

The blower should not be brought too close to the hair. Keep it away t least six to ten inches from the hair. You should move the tool briskly from one side to the other. This way you can really save the hair from being damaged.

6. Please do not shampoo your hair in excess

There is no need for you to over wash the hair. At the time of applying shampoo, you should make sure to clean the scalp well. However, do not overdo with the cleaning process. After a cut, the hair remains vulnerable. Thus, you should handle the same with absolute care and caution.

After all it’s all about you looking awesome. Looking good makes you happy. Isn’t it?