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Huntplex Launches ACE – A Gym Management Software

Huntplex ACE is gym management software which helps you to manage your fitness club with total control no matter where you are. It is a cloud based software that allows gym/fitness club owners to manage customers, billing, renewals, email/sms notifications and much more.

What drives us to develop it

Building the ACE was not a random decision to build something and earn money.

It all started when we were working on our gyms and salons search platform Huntplex.com. While working on it we realised how unorganised the health & fitness industry is.

So, we decided to build a platform for the gym/fitness club owners through which they can manage their business on daily basis and cater their customers in a much better way.

We contacted and discussed with several gym owners and tried to understand their real problems which they face while running their business.

After all the research and discussions we have come up with a platform called Huntplex ACE which will help business owners to organise and analyse their business.

What to expect from ACE

If you are a gym business owner then there have been situations when you are not able to track your customers daily stats, don’t remember what is the payment cycle of a customer, when you are out of station and worried if your business is working properly or not.

Don’t worry, Ace comes for your rescue.


  1. Track customer attendance.
  2. Manage daily enquiries.
  3. Send email and sms promotions.
  4. Add payments & generate invoices quickly.
  5. Create useful reports

To know more features go here.

These are the most basic features which will help you to run your business. We are working more exciting features.

Our Future Plans

A business is all about solving problems.

Our aim is to build an ecosystem where customers have appropriate knowledge about for what they are paying, what should be the cost of it and what services they will get in return.

For businesses we want to provide them a platform which is extremely easy to use, helps them to manage and track their smallest and important tasks, reduce the paperwork and bring automation to their business.


It’s just the beginning and we have a long road to go. Our team is not going to sit relaxed until you get satisfy.

If you have any suggestion or want to give feedback then please write down in the comments.