Gym Goers Need To Ponder Over These Tips For An Energetic Work Out

Heading to Gym? This must be just an another day for you. Nothing new is going to happen and you will leave feeling triumphant again. Here’s the thing to ask yourself! Are you making the most of your precious time in the gym? If you think it’s a No then here’s a round up of things you can execute in order to make your work out worthy, energetic and the way it should be.

Stay Hydrated:

Overlooking the importance of water is nothing new. Hydration is the key factor in being able to push yourself to the limit. You might even lose 10% of your strength by not sipping in water. Dehydration has a negative impact on your energy level and mood. Skipping water is the first thing we do when we are too busy. Walking around in partially dehydrated state does not give alarm to mind. But working out in the same condition can ruin your stamina for sure. For this, you need to keep a water bottle with you all the day long. Sip it in thought out the day so that your tank remains full while working out.


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Lighten The Load:

One of the misconceptions that Gym goers hold is-increasing the weight on bar would provide them with the perfect built. It is not so. If some day you are feeling weak then there is no need to test yourself against heavy weights. Try taking a few weights off. With this tactic you will be able to pay attention at what’s going inside your body. Your strength gains would be more if you try to focus and control during the sets. Train your body in this way for some sessions and eventually you will experience an increased quality in your work outs. You just need to focus on the stretching and contraction of your muscles.

Your rest periods should not be mini-rest day:

Emphasize on how long your body wants to rest. Watch the clock! Taking rest between sets is significant but do not make them mini rest days. A breather should be of a very short duration. Long breaks will significantly reduce the momentum in your next set. Eventually, the more pump you will lose. Carry your own watch or keep glancing at the wall clock in your gym while taking break. Rest periods generally drag on a little longer. But this little delay can affect you in the next set or probably the next work out.

When and where do you need to remain seated?

Isolation exercise like overhead triceps extensions, curls and many other forms should be done in a seated position. Do not use any kind of momentum while doing curls. Consequently, it will make you concentrate more on performing a controlled movement. Maintain the sitting position and concentrator on your forms so that you remain aware of what’s going on inside your body.

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Stay healthy and make the most of your precious time in the gym !
Happy weekend guys!! 🙂