Greasy Hair? Easy Hairstyles When You Don’t Want To Wash Your Hair!

Its 7 am in the morning and your hair are so greasy that you don’t want to show up yourself in the office. Also, you don’t feel like washing them. But looking like you have not washed your hair is not something you want. So what can you do? Well! We are here to suggest some hairstyles that go with greasy hair. It’s some third or fourth day after the day you washed your hair and most of the women choose top knot or fishtail braid. We have some more hairstyles in the series. Having some quick greasy hairstyle in your mind would never let you feel bad about your oily hair. Let’s have a look-

High Ponytail-

It would make you look like a small girl but this hairstyle is definitely going to show up your face more than your dirty greasy hair. It would make people concentrate more on your face. It’s an oldie but a goodie. It is also the quickest fix to your greasy hair. You can also use some dry shampoo to add volume to your pony. Do not consider making a puff accompanying your pony tail as it would show up your greasy hair which is not what you want.

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Messy top knot or bun-

A top knot is often a repertoire necessity if you are regular shampoo skipper. Messy bun is the option you can try. A little sculpting spray can help you with tying a mess hair bun. Also you can make use of some bobby pins so that it does not mess up too much. You can try this hair look with some not-so-fit casuals. It would not go with ethnic so do not even try. Try to have this hairstyle with some dim shade of clothes so that you do not highlight yourself much.

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Tuck and Roll-

Headbands are another option for you. It would automatically hide away some of your greasy hair. Try having a broader one so that you can hide your greasy hair as much as you can. The greasy hair generally lie in vicinity to your scalp so you can leave the rest of the hair as it is or you can also top knot them.

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French braid-

French braid is the best way to get all the greasy hair out of your face. It is tough to master the French braids but you can see a lot of tutorials available on YouTube. Also, you don’t have to tie it so tight that your greasy hair highlight. Consider loosen it a little so that you can give some volume to your greasy hair.

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