Give These Cheap And Efficient Fitness Apps A Try! – Part 2

Soullessly moving through the motions, you have become a gym robot. These workouts are no longer enjoyable and exciting for you. You have the same goal. The equipment are same. The trainer is same. Moreover, if you do not continue with the same schedule you might end up losing fitness.

When you are bored you don’t remain careful for your workouts. Ultimately, you start working out less as you become discouraged. Do not just lift random weights with no purpose. In the previous section, we discussed about two fitness apps that can track your performance better than a trainer. We have curated a list of more such apps. Lets have a look.

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Sworkit is an application that can make fitness attainable for anyone. The app features workouts ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes to suit any schedule. You can choose the type of exercises according to the fitness level. From cardio, Strength to Yoga you can try everything on this app. If you suffered an injury at some point of time, you can also tell the app to avoid certain moves. It allows you to play and customize personalized video workouts that can fit your schedule. Moreover, it is completely free. Give this app a space in your device and avail unbelievable benefits.

Gaiam’s Yoga Studio-

This is a Yoga app that assists first time Yogis with basic asanas. Many of the start ups remain nervous and unsure about the poses. With this app, you can start with your own pace and level as it offers customization classes. It takes care of your mental health along with physical. It offers 70 different meditation and Yoga classes. You can opt for soothing music, instructor’s voice or chimes in this app. Yoga routines can be downloaded on your device. The best part is once you have downloaded the routines, you don’t need any data or wifi to use them.

Map My Run by Under Armour-

This is one of the best apps for runners. Land up at Map by Run if you are an avid runner and want to track your progress and goals. The app has been specially designed for walking, running, biking and hiking. As you exercise it can map your course. The app saves the data in order to compare your workouts with the work you had done the previous day. It analyses all the physical activities very carefully and tells you what position it has got among your previous workouts. Additionally, you can even share the records with friends to keep each one of you motivated.