Give These Cheap And Efficient Fitness Apps A Try! – Part 1

Some people can spend hours in the gym following the same schedule everyday. It does not matter how they are feeling and what the weather is like. You know what this becomes a major problem after some time. After a while, the same schedule will make you feel less like a routine and more like a rut. This is how you start getting bored of your workouts. It is the time to look for a change if you are stuck in a really boring workout.

Do you want anyone to drive you to gym? Want someone to prepare a diet chart plus meals for you? Do you want to just leave the gym and have fun at home? Do you want to stay fit? Certainly yes! Gym goers often suffer plateaus. The truth is- change is the spice of life. If you are fed up of expensive gym membership and seriously looking for a cheap way to stay fit, then we would love to introduce you with some fitness applications. Fear not champ, you have landed up a right place if you are facing such issues. These apps are free and effective if followed and operated properly. Let’s have a look.

Nike+ Training Club-

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You will excited to know that the app lets you take training from instructors such as Allyson Felix, Alex Morgan and Gaby Douglas. When you are ready to workout, just plug in the headphones and you will see these instructors demonstrating your workout. Besides workouts you can even track any other physical activity such as running, basketball and many other by means of this application. You can even record your activity history and the results and data can be saved in the app.


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MyFitnessPal is the largest food database with over 6 million recipes. You can easily track your diet as the app features easy-to-use calorie counter. There are three ways by which you can insert the information in the app. You can enter the items you intake, scan the bar codes or enter the recipes. Moreover, you can monitor your fitness goals by the help of MyFitnessPal. This app acts as a moving trainer with you. You just need to input some information and the app is ready to assist. See unbelievable results with just one app on your device.