Any Girl In Her Teenage Must Know These Beauty Tips To Groom Herself

Your life changes with the speed of light in your teenage. Nothing seems permanent. It looks like the thing you have got is soon going to slip away from your hands. Lets face it people if we are talking about teenage, how can we not discuss the beauty factor. Everyone so wants to look beautiful while going through that phase of life. It is always good to take care of yourself as well as your body. We always look for tips and tricks that are affordable and enough time saving. Also, we know that you don’t have much time to prep yourself to look good always. Here are some easy and quick beauty tips that can make you look fabulous always.

Applying Vaseline:

Anyone can afford Vaseline. The benefits are great in number. It can be used as a chap stick and can also be applied in a sparing amount to the dry skin. If you apply Vaseline on face at night and keep it overnight then chances are you getting a permanent glowing skin. But if you have oily skin then beware of the pimples you might develop.

Lemon can remove dark nail polish stains:

You can get rid of the dark stains your nail paint has left on your nails. You just need to stick your nails in lemon halves for five minutes. This trick is used by models as they have to get their nails done very often with dark nail shades.

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Source: Artifactgirl

Make your cream eye shadow at home:

There is no need to buy a cream eye shadow. You can simply use a wet brush on the dry one. It will give the same look as the cream eye shadow does. Moreover, it will make the eye shadow look creamier and brighter.

Put perfume on your wrist if you are going out to meet someone:

Put a decent fragrance on your wrist and behind your ears before going out to meet someone.

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Source: Greatist

Change your hairstyle instead taking a cut:

You can simply give your hair a different look instead of going for a cut. Try new accessories such as bobby pins, clips and head bands.

Consider running a fabric softener sheet on hair to get rid of overnight smell:

Whether you brought a smoky smell from last night’s party or your hair are making you smell really bad, just run a fabric softener sheet and it would make you ready to face a new day.

Apart from these things, consider drinking water as much as you can. 70% of human body is made up of water. Water is very important for our existence on earth. No matter how many beauty tips you get, nothing can replace the benefits of water. A hydrated body glows automatically and helps you remain healthy.