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Funny Things You Would Relate To, Only If You Are An Indian, Going Gym

So its a matter to brag about. That guys has got superb cuts. That girl is really hot. Everyone has one particular person to look at. If you are going through all these things you are probably one among those Indians who go to gym but fitness is not the prime goal. We have best trainers in the world. They are friends at the first place. Those punjabi and yo yo honey Singh songs are what gives us more energy to perform those seemingly impossible workouts. We have come up with some points that you would definitely relate to, if you are a gym goer in India.

If you are a girl going gym then you must be fed up of..

..that particular creepy group of guys. They are trying to seek attention for a long time and you are so tired that you dont even care.

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Dumbbells go high and low with the notes of Yo Yo Honey Singh.

You love them more than anything else.

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You so want to get rid of those guys with extremely short shorts.

They are as annoying as hell. The more you look at them the shorter the length becomes. Didn’t you face such stuff?

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Sometimes you just have to hold on your breath not because you want to look lean but because that deadly sweaty smell is literally killing you.

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You must be having friends showing off their waxed legs. Poor guys do not know that this is not something to brag about.

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