Fitness Model Emily Skye Unveils Effective Ways To Lead A Really Positive Life

Be positive! A number of people must have consoled you with these words at some phase of your life. Is it enough to hear? Not for sure! You need to follow the same by being really bold. You need to let go things. Let it go! Again a difficult task. With these bundle of thoughts, an experience shared by famous fitness and role model of many- Emily Skye, came in front of my eyes. I would mind calling her Fitness freak. She is a fitness enthusiast. The fitness blogger wrote, ” I used to be so negative, unhappy and depressed and it actually felt natural to me. The thing with being negative is you draw too much negative from every situation and this becomes a bad habit.”

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Turning out in a really positive personality now, Emily gave us some bits and bytes about bringing positivity in life. She wrote, ” The difference with me now is I know how to stop myself, how to pull my self back out of that hole. Because i definitely dont want to be there again.” Lets have a look on what the fitness model has to say about being positive and perks of it.

Stop Comparing-

Never compare your situations with others. Everyone is unique and each one of us has some struggles to deal with. When we sit and compare ourselves with others, we compare the deficiencies of our lives with good things in their lives. It makes us feel inadequate and that develops anxiety.

Learn to receive complements-

Accept the complements given by people. Never take them in a sarcastic manner. Know the good things about yourself. When we think negative about ourselves, it becomes hard for all of us to accept complements. We reject them straight away. Try to allow complements to make you feel good about yourself.

Learn to let things go-

Grow through what you go thorugh. It is said that past is not a good place to stay. You need to learn to let go everything. Holding on to frustation would not do anything good for you. Take a step back if you are sad or angry. Things happened or about to happen with us can never be controlled but we need to learn about how to control our reaction towards it.

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Treat yourself the way you treat your best friends-

Imagine a situation. Your friend is going for a job interview. You would say- Good Luck! You will nail it or may be You are confident, intelligent and deserving for this job opportunity. Be confident! Now keep yourself in that situation. Would you come up with such positive thoughts? No! What do you consider yourself so small? Never underestimate yourself for anything. Keep faith in yourself and your abilities. Treat yourself just like you treat your siblings or may be best buddies.

Let bad things go!