Fitness Feed: Get Ready To Crawl!

Leave your kettle bells, spin bike and ballet shoes as there is new trend running in the fitness market now. You trainer must have told you about the new exercise called crawling. Yes! crawling involves so much of floor work that uses the weight of your body. Moreover, it requires no equipment. According to a trend report by Balance Festival, crawling is all set to wheedle its way into the regimes of exercise. The elevation in HIIT (High intensity interval training) can be done at any place. This new exercise has made its way to a number of fitness centers in various countries.

A personal trainer and Lululemon ambassador, Ally Gray explains, “Crawling is beneficial for a number of reasons.” He added, “It is an isometric move which means that you are working had to hold a position under repeated tension. This helps not only with your overall strength but also endurance and core stability- from wrists to shoulders through to hips, ankles and toes. There is also research to suggest that crawling can help with healthy blood pressure and be beneficial for your back.”

If we talk about bear crawl, it involves a person taking on superman pose. It requires complete balance and stability of your body. You have to work hard to retain stability at this particular position. Crawling is more effective that other forms of exercises as it involves legs, shoulders, elbows, spine, toes, arms, wrists and many other parts. You must be wondering that how can crawling help you build up your muscles and make you more flexible. Imaging that baby crawling on the floor. The baby gets strength out of the efforts he/she makes.

How to do crawling workout?

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Source: Redefining strength

Get onto floor on the support of all your fours. The hands should be placed directly below the shoulders. The knees should rest on the floor with hip width apart. Bear crawl position by gradually lifting your knees off the floor. You are now holding a position to crawl. Keep your spine parallel to the floor and move forward slowly like a cat. This is how you have to proceed. Crawling has a lot of health benefits.

Stay healthy!