Ever Thought Of Food Items That Boost Your Mood? Here’s The List!

Food is not something you do not need. Whether depressed or sad, you always feel hungry once or twice in a day. May be you do not feel to bring or cook food for yourself but it is surely needed. Ever thought of food that can easily boost your mood and take you out of the blues you are experiencing right now? Certainly not! It is generally said that chocolates make you feel good. You prefer to have a bar of chocolate when you are depressed or sad. Believe that chocolate is the single thing you are aware of. Here’s the list of food items that might take you out of blues you are dealing with right now.

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Source: Best health mag

Natural Yogurt-

Natural Yogurt or all the other dairy products are high in calcium. These food items increase tryptophan and serotonin levels in your body that makes you feel positive. You often feel rejected and disappointed due to the things going on in your life. If your life is not favoring you these day, it is completely alright. You are not alone. You yourself can heal your wounds and from now there is one companion that will remain there for you. Food!

Brazil Nuts-

Next in the list are Brazil nuts. They are the rich source of Selenium. It is a mineral which is depleted in people who feel low and depressed at some point of their lives. It increases the amount of this particular mineral and inturn makes the person happier than before.


Hot chocolate is rich in Polyphenol. It is linked with reducing the blues. Concentrate on the food items to get rid of the depression you are feeling right now. You cannot just eradicate what you are feeling but feeding yourself can certainly make you capable of doing the same.

Eggs, Chicken,Turkey-

All these items help people boost their moods.

Kale and Lentils-

Both of the items are great sources of Folic acid. This thing depletes fast in the people suffering from depression.

Along with the above mentioned foods, you can have anything that you like. Getting what you like makes you happy more than anything else. Choose to feed yourself today and see the changes.

Did you know about these food items? Feel free to share any additional information in the comment box below. We would love to add on to the list.

Be happy and gain positive vibes.