Ever-Blamed Fats Have These Positive Impacts On Your Body

You have a lot of things running in your mind while looking at the pizza or pasta lying in front of you. You can either have it or control yourself and not tilt towards eating it. You are controlling so much as it will make your previous day’s workout go in vain. Does it happen? Do fats actually do that bad to your body?

Let me tell you all one thing that fats are one among the macronutirents important for human body. Many of us survive with a notion in our heads that fatty foods lead to cholesterol problem and weight gain. It gives you heart problems. I agree upon every single drawback for optimal servings. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of fats.

Positive impacts of fatty food items

Fatty foods were not blamed a decade back. People used to do so much of physical work then. A WHO report says that the calories intake should be equal to the calorie expended. Due to urbanization and transportation facilities, we do not have to do so much of physical work to burn fats. We are moving towards an era where the technological advancement would not let us to move. Fat is not bad but to keep on with this modern lifestyle, it is important to intake what you can burn.

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Dr Sudha Menon, consultant, internal medicine, Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru told Google Weblight, “Fat is not as bad as villain as it is made out to be. Just as fat can cause weight gain, it can also be beneficial for weight loss and maintenance. Choosing fats wisely is more important. It helps in insulation of our body, maintaining our core temperature, keeping our skin soft and our joints lubricated. It helps in the absorption of vitamin A, D, E and K. Fats helps our body to absorb nutrients and produce important hormones too.”

Talking about cholesterol, it is produced by human body in addition to being taken from food. If you are taking a high cholesterol diet which means you are taking saturated fats, they are not good in long run. Burn them after you consume them to stay healthy. Keep in mind that ghee and butter consumed in their natural form are healthier than when they are heated and used for seasoning. Take care of such small things and fats would not do any harm to your body.