You Are Emotionally Unstable. Three Signs That Show!

You have a lot of things in your mind. You are a kind of introvert lad. You don’t love to express things in front of many people. You don’t prefer to tell things to people as you think they will not be able to understand your feelings and would make fun of you. You have your world of happiness and sorrows. There is no one that can enter the zone.

You are very emotional deep inside. Even if you have all the above mentioned traits you are completely fine. But if you are unstable in your mind, then it is a big problem in itself. You should be self satisfied in order to come up stable. There are a few things that signify the emotional instability.

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Source: Psycologia

Behavioral changes-

People may experience compulsive, self destructive or risky behavior if they are going through such a situation in their lives. If you are emotionally unstable, you might be getting feeling of harming yourself for someone. Lack of restraint is another problem for the people who are emotionally weak. These changes may not be inborn. These can be a result of current situations you facing in your life.

Psychological changes-

Fear, distorted self image and depression are some of the signs that you are emotionally unstable. To fight depression, you can consider listening to light music or plant trees with fresh flowers around yourself.

Changes in one’s mood-

You might feel general discontent, anxiety, anger, loss pf pleasure in the activity you used to enjoy. The feelings of worthlessness you can get.

If you are facing these issues then know that you are not alone. There is a number of people dealing with emotional as well as physical issues. You just need to keep calm and wait for the right time to arrive. Be strong and enjoy every phase of life as everything provides us new experiences.