Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Whenever we eat or drink something it is our metabolism which converts those calories into energy. Although there are a lot of factors which control our metabolic rate like our size, gender and age, but there are ways by which we can improve our metabolism in order to shed some pounds. As the high our metabolic rate is, the more calories we burn. Here are some ways to speed up the metabolism.

Don’t skip the breakfast

Having protein packed breakfast in the morning jump-starts metabolism and keeps the energy high all day. So if you want to lose those extra inches you should never consider skipping the breakfast.

No crash diets

It is true that we need to cut down our calorie intake in order to lose weight but cutting down the calorie intake below a certain level (1200 calories for women) can slow down your metabolism as the body will try to save energy and start storing fat. It also begins to break down the muscle tissue for energy.

Drink coffee or tea

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and can increase the metabolism from 5 to 8%. Tea also can raise the metabolic rate by 12%. The antioxidants present in tea help the boost.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water not only speeds up the metabolism but also improves the digestion. German researchers found that we should have at least 6 glasses of water. This increase may come from bringing the temperature of water to the body temperature.

Have plenty of fiber

Fiber digests slowly and makes you feel fuller for a longer interval of time. Researchers found that some fibers can rev your fat burn as much as 30%. So always choose fruits over juices.

Include protein in your diet

Your body needs protein for maintaining the lean muscle. Add protein sources to your diet like milk, eggs, chicken, nuts, beans and yogurt. Protein can boost post meal calorie burn by as much as 35%.

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Source: Ask men

No alcohol

Alcohol slows the fat burning process as when we have alcohol it is used as a fuel instead. It can reduce the fat burning ability by up to 73%.

Get some shut eye

It is very important to have enough sleep. Skimping on sleep may derail your metabolism. When you are exhausted your body lacks in doing its day-to-day functions, which includes the calorie burning process, so the metabolism is automatically lowered.

Chill out

Long term stress can make you fat, studies show that when you are chronically stressed your body releases stress hormones which stimulates the fat cells deep in your abdomen to increase in size and store fat. And stress hormones spark your appetite making you eat more.
Keep all these things in mind, add them up with some simple physical activities like walking or jogging and start losing those extra inches.